Style Your Brazilian Human Hair That Suits Your Face Properly


The fact can’t be denied that Brazilian human hair has a growing demand among people as it lets them find the best appearance. Styling the extensions is indeed made convenient by the fact that it is natural hair meaning that you can certainly wash it. In order to have an easy time styling hair, you should start with the basics like dampening the hair and also applying your highly preferred styling products before below drying it or also styling it your desire.

Meanwhile, when you style your extension, you must indeed pay quite attention to your face shape. The main reason is that there are different styles work for different faces and also you wish to appear the best whether you have indeed chosen a straight or curly Brazilian human hair. You can explore here some great tips for choosing the perfect style with your Brazilian hair.

Oval Face – The great oval face is blessed with for a long time considered to be a perfect shape for the face since the jaw line.

Round face – A round face generally indicates cheek fullness and also you must keep off pulling your hair all the way back.

Square face

Heart face

Pear face

Diamond face

Oblong face


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